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The office of Giorgos Vidalis, dipl. civil engineer, is founded in 2002 on Tinos, undertaking studies and supervisions of buildings, offering at the same time services that cover the wide spectrum of an engineer’s work.

In 2005 the team “G VIDALIS DESIGN + CONSTRUCTION” is created including architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers. In 2008 in collaboration with Christos Papaevangeliou, dipl. civil engineer, the company “Georgios Vidalis and SIA Co.” is created, that trades in construction, project management and sale of residences and the manufacture and project management of private projects.

The design and construction with aim the quality and the integration in the distinct environment of Tinos, the use and designation of local elements and materials but also the application of new techniques, constitute the beginning of the team for the creation of unique and innovative of buildings work.

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